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The transition to distance learning has proved to be challenging for both kids and their parents. Parents have now assumed the role of educator on top of balancing work and familial responsibilities, and kids are struggling to effectively learn in an isolated environment. Experiencing the current climate as parents ourselves, we wanted to create a long term solution, reinventing how education is designed.

What is Class Echo?

Class Echo is an innovative learning platform that gives students the space, communication resources, and technology for educators to facilitate curriculum at a higher level. We understand that the current educational systems are preventing students from reaching their full potential, which is why we have reimagined education. Our platform removes these boundaries so that educators and students can succeed together.

Benefits (Student + Parent)

Class Echo benefits families in many ways. Learn why Class Echo is the perfect solution for students on their journey to receiving an education.

Accelerated Learning

With a maximum of 12 students per class and optimized learning windows, students will be able to learn at a pace targeted towards their individual needs.


Teaching sessions are 2 hours for elementary and 3 hours for middle school. With the flexibility and condensed learning sessions at Class Echo, students have more opportunities to pursue their passions.

Intuitive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed for each individual student. Utilizing Edmentum, we are able to plan instruction based on assessment data and reach students at their instructional level. By making data driven decisions we can calculate growth, allowing students to own their progress.

High Quality Educators

All educators are vetted by Class Echo to be highly qualified, forward-thinking, and passionate about student success. They value connection and will act as a mentor throughout a student's educational journey.

More Collaboration

Class Echo fosters individualized learning in a collaborative environment. Students are able to learn and grow from each other, build self-confidence, and use critical thinking.

Define a Career Path

By discovering their personal learning strengths and receiving support from their Educator, students can focus on what they are passionate about and define a path toward a potential career.

Student Pricing

When creating Class Echo, affordability for families was important. Students are able to choose and receive a quality education without having to spend the costs of a private or charter school.


TK - 5

Starting at $370.00/month

2 Hour Class Sessions Price contingent upon number of students per class

Middle School

6 - 8

Starting at $550/month

3 hour Sessions Price contingent upon number of students per class

Educator Benefits

Class Echo provides educators with the platform for success, allowing them to focus on teaching and developing relationships with their students. Learn more about how educators will benefit from Class Echo.

Purposeful Teaching

With Class Echo, you will be able to tap into your passion for teaching and implement your philosophy, positively affecting the lives of many students through our innovative platform.

Flexible Schedule

As an educator at Class Echo, you are given total flexibility when it comes to choosing what subjects you would prefer to teach as well as session times.

Competitive Pay

Class Echo is proud to offer educators competitive compensation for providing students with quality educational services.

Innovative Platform

Our learning platform makes it easy for educators to engage with students and facilitate the accredited curriculum with innovative technology and resources.

Tutoring Options

Educators will be able to hold private tutoring sessions through the Class Echo platform to help students overcome academic challenges.


We’re here to answer your questions and tell you more about our innovative platform! Check out our FAQ page to learn more.