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Individualized Learning for Your Student

Education reimagined to support students at their own pace

Allowing students to take ownership of their educational journey

Using students' strengths and weaknesses to create an individualized plan

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Not all students learn at the same pace, which is why we chose to utilize a curriculum that reaches students at their own level of instruction. Calvert Learning, a project-based curriculum powered by Edmentum, is brought to life in a framework that guides teaching and learning, allowing students to progress and thrive.

Individualized Learning Paths

With a curriculum designed to accommodate an individual’s educational needs, students can improve academically, master lifelong skills, and discover their personal strengths.

Instruction Based on Assessment Data

Students will be assessed on what they know and understand in order to determine the best way for educators to present the material. It is our goal to make sure every student is receiving the proper education based on their performance and style of learning.

Calculate Growth for Every Student

The advancement of every single student is important at Class Echo. By tracking progress and providing students with feedback through reports, they will be able to see their strengths and weaknesses and create a plan for improvement in order to better define a path for success.

Reach Students at Their Instructional Level

Condensed learning times give students the opportunity to learn and grow at their own level. Educators will be able to facilitate content that is tailored toward each individual student as well as schedule time for them to collaborate in a smaller setting. This will allow them to learn from one another and master concepts that will contribute to their academic success.

Let Students Own Their Progress

Giving students the opportunity to monitor their progress creates positive outcomes. Our curriculum allows students to set goals and work toward them. When goals are met, they are given positive reinforcement that in return makes them want to continue working to achieve future goals.